Sunday, August 13, 2006

the Dog House Feature: "Interview with THE KILLER GERBIL!"

He’s the rising young artist from Singapore, the winner of motorola Street Style awards 2005 in Singapore , lots of people talked about him, he’s HOT (Hotter than Dewi Persik and Syaeful Djamil), Who the F#$k Is he?
He’s or maybe it's or whatever, “THE KILLER GERBIL”!
Well for those of u who didn’t know him, just read the interview ok!

DOG: YO Killer Gerbil! You’re the first dog that we catch so how do u feel by that?
KG: Yo man its a great honour and I really appreciate you catching me all the way from Jakarta. Whats up Indonesia!

DOG: It’s the first boring question but it’s a must. Tell us a bit about the killer gerbil?
KG: I create art for a living and I’m a big money spender.

Personal collaboration with Australian artist YOK

DOG: How and why did you start making these crazy things on the street?
KG: The idea started cause the need for me to reach out with the masses. When I first started out, most of the artwork are either kept in the storeroom or left forgotten and since it only takes you to be somebody to have your art exhibited in the gallery, I turned guerilla-style and place my artwork in the public to share with everyday people.

DOG: Tell me more about the character and the name “killergerbil”
KG: My character which was inspired by my pet gerbils, is a "street rat/rodent" that kills empty spaces and leave its mark with its art.

Gerbil with the crew ARTVSTS did live painting on a car for a local exhibition

DOG: What is your favorites street wear brand?
KG: I definitely love stuff from Fifty24SF and Graniph. They made up 75% of my wardrobe.

DOG: List the 3 most inspiring items in your creative life
KG: My loved ones for their support in my creative life, music for the push while painting and travels for the experiences which help me to a better person and artist .

DOG: Who has had the most influence on your creative life?
KG: My dad has been my backbone eversince I started out painting when I was young till where I am now. The most coolest and patient person by far, even my boys hung out with him.

DOG:Describe, in your own words, what any of the following items mean to you.
a. T-shirt= Wearable canvas.
b. Toys=
Paper weights

c. Sex=
God's greatest gift to mankind.

d. TV=
Whack reality shows

e. World wide web=

DOG: What would be your biggest dream project?
KG : To have my character realised into a vinyl. Since I only draw my character by it side, its going to be interesting to see it in 3D.

Gerbil got the privilege to paint the facade of Singapore Arts Museum along with other artists for an opening of an art show

DOG: Are there any special projects that you’re working on or planning now. KG: Right now I'm working with Indonesian label Wadezig to release some clothing line so you gots to stay tuned for that. Its going to be an Indonesian only release. Apart from that, me and my boys will be having our first group show in Singapore so I hope things will work out good.

DOG: So that’s it dog, now u can leave the house and find some pussy.any words for us?
KG: Remember to kiss your loved ones. Thank you for your time.

Singapore shoe customizer WSDP invited Gerbil to collaborate on their customized sneakers

Bustop ad for "onedotzero", (an ongoing art event from around the world) which happened in Singapore this year


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