Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Everything's on sale at FUTURE RELIC

All the shirts are marked down! Everything's on sale!

"Future Relic is the collaboration of two artists: Paul Kim (NYC) and Kenyon Bajus (Philadelphia). They met in college in 1998 where Paul studied photography and Kenyon focused on the graphic arts.Paul became interested in Kenyon’s ability to instigate reactions with his subversive imagery, just as Kenyon was intrigued by the way Paul exposes interesting aspects in the banalities of life. The combination of Paul’s subtle approach and Kenyon’s provocative wit allows the two to work on ideas of similar interests and effectively communicate their shared perspectives. Thus Future Relic was born in the summer of 2002. Future Relic explores the realm of cultural values and conventions, questioning their relevance and roles in the future through rousing imagery. The t-shirt is a popular instrument of self-expression and, as the medium, it successfully incorporates art into everyday life by functioning as a mobile canvas, engaging new audiences everywhere"(taken from their site).

more info:FUTURE RELIC


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