Wednesday, August 30, 2006

RIOTTT! One Will Rise

Hey check this new website called riottt!The team at Riottt! is small, but very big on talent and includes creative heavyweights Kevin Craft formerly of Vapors Magazine, Sean Miyashiro, founder of Sole Division, Sky Gellatly from MTV’s Sneak Attack, and Rickey Kim of Evil Monito and The Social Trust. Riottt! is already off to a blazing start and has features on creatives like graffiti legend Haze.
About Riott
Mass Culture has forced the majority's subconscious into accepting a monotonous mindset pervaded by ignorance and inaction. Our aim at Riottt is to engage, enable, and organically-align you with other like-minded cultural movers: those who already have an agenda, those who will not settle, those living to make a change, those inciting independently-spurned righteous dialogue. Whereas a riot transpires a physically-articulated, militant counteraction to injustice, our battle will be forged on the intellectual plane, through the sharing of ideas and the creation of an empowered legion of creative cohorts. Through your participation, a new paradigm will arise to actively engage and encourage the constant evolution of this movement. Join the cause as others are poised and ready to rebel. The cliche must meet its demise; through our empowerment...
(taken from Riottt)

Checkout: Riottt
taken from: Josh Spear


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