Friday, August 11, 2006

Sixteen D-scale's Jeans Exhibition

Sinners, welcome to witness the "FINAL SIN", a jeans exhibition by Sixteen D-scale
Feat : DPM,Wiyoga,Karin Wijaya,Amenk,OQ @ LOCA COFFEE+ Kemang (Jl.Benda raya 7A Kemang,Jakarta Selatan Indonesia)
13th-26th August 2006

Opening party:Sunday August 13th 2006 5 p.m onwards
Live DJs:
  • Mayo (Future10)
  • DXXXT (Lowflow)
  • Dina (Poptastic)
  • Ario (Foxtrot)
Supported by a+, clue magz, SOAP, JUICE. For info call 021-78831979


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