Friday, September 22, 2006

The Dog House Feature: Interview with Owl Movement

When i saw the name 'owl movement', it made me think, what did these people mean and why would someone name their label after an animal associated with darkness, raw mice, and Hooters (naw, not really,that's just my sick sick mind). But in their site, i saw some very cool stuff and indeed, lots of owlies. There we can find tshirts and other products designed by famous designers and artists, like Tado, Skwak, Joh Burgeman, and lots more. The interesting thing is, that these products are categorized by their series, so there's a theme in each edition. As usual, the doghouse gets lots of creatively insane guests, but this time, its not people we're talking about, its a flock of creatively insane owls! so let's just get going and start chatting with our owlish friends..

Dog:hi owl movement! its nice meeting you.. before i start asking you my endless but absolutely fascinating questions, please tell the readers a little something about owl movement!
Owl: owl movement is the brainchild of two people, patrick and jesha. We came together to bring forth new and interesting t-shirts to the world. and what better name than one that incorporates owls!

Dog: The most interesting thing about your project is the tshirts madeby famous designers, like Tado, John Burgerman, and Skwak. How did you start collaborating with them? Are they actually paid to contribute to Owl Movement??
Owl: the great thing about new and young artists is their
accessibility. its really just a matter of approaching them and wanting to collaborate and almost everyone is raring to go! contributors work out payments on their own terms, in whatever form makes the most sense for everyone involved.

Dog: Who are the people behind Owl Movement?
Owl: patrick is a graduate of the university of tampa with an MBA in business administration. jesha is a stylist for anthropologie and a writer. we both love good design and unexpectedly beautiful things.

Dog: Does anyone at Owl Movement design as well? Or do you guys purely get your designs from those abovementioned artists?
Owl: we have lots of design up our sleeves. so far, most of our designs have been the artists' creations pure and simple. but more collaborations are coming in the near future. and look out for the owlvin pillows which are our latest design foray.

Dog: For one particular series, how many tshirts do you produce? And where do you distribute them?
Owl: We like to introduce 4 to 8 shirts per series. obviously, we have them on our website and we do sell to small boutiques as well as a select few to urban outfitters. however, we try to keep the shirts to limited batches because we look forward to producing more and more from hot artists.

Dog: Besides tshirts, what other cool stuff can people get at Owl movement?
Owl: Owlvin pillows! we work together with jesha's grandmother to hand make these little guys. we will also be delivering more and more hoodies and other clothing item in the coming months.

Dog: I see that you guys are participating in the Agenda Show, which I think is one of the biggest trade shows there is. Can you tell us more about this?
Owl: Agenda hails itself as the alternative trade show and we like to be seen as an alternative clothing vendor. it seemed like a perfect match. we look forward to having a great time in san diego.

Dog: Do you guys have an offline store? If not, then are you planning on opening one?
Owl: We are online only as of right now, but you never know what the future may bring!

Dog: How serious is the Owl Movement project?
Owl: way serious. hot and fresh art is our lives!

Dog: What are the people of Owl Movement like in their everyday life? Besides chasing after owls, i mean.. :)
Owl: Patrick is a light hearted funny kind of guy. he spends pretty much all of his time listening to new music and trying to find as much new art as he can. he is definitely t-shirt obsessed. jesha is a workaholic. she puts in 40 hours at anthroplogie styling and profiling ladies, and then comes home to peruse whats hot and new in fashion. Were both certified owl wranglers.

Dog: What do you guys have coming up? Can you tell us about the next series and share some secrets? I know owls are secretive, but dogs are known to be good listeners and awesome secret-keepers :)
Owl: The newest series, nostalgic notions, launches on sept. 16 with our second secret t-shirt party happening at neotrash in ybor city, tampa. that series will be online the day after the party, so get yr pointer fingers ready now for all the clicking.

Dog: Favorite brand? Favorite designer? Favorite store?
Owl: Patrick loves nixon watches and vans slip ons. jesha loves marc jacobs and irregular choice shoes. we both love neotrash in ybor city.

Dog: What do you guys know about Indonesia?
Owl: Its a country. and it probably has some awesome owls.

Dog: Any shouts??
Owl: Hooty-hoo! and wed like to dedicate this interview to our two beautiful kitties, angel and casio.

Big thx to Patrick from Owl Movement


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woww,,,cool graphics,,,i like it think,,where i can find it in Jakarta??thx,,ayu

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