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Special Ramadhan Feature: Interview with Chuck Anderson (No Pattern)

Chuck Anderson from No Pattern is one of our favorite designers; in fact he's truly an inspiration for us. Why? He’s young, talented and his works are full of soul and he got his own style, and style is the hardest part in being an artist. That’s what I think about chuck. Therefore I want to know a li'l bit about him and share to all of u, especially our friends in Jakarta.
What would u do if u knew that u were a famous person from an early age? Well i called this person as "The Famous Chuck Anderson" hahaha sorry chuck! It's not 'movie star famous' though, but this person is well known for his talent,creativity and he's got his own style that people always want to follow.. including me! :)
well ladies and gentlemen please welcome the famous Chuck Anderson from No Pattern!

Dog: Hey chuck,What are u doin now? busy?
Chuck:Just working on a few small jobs at the moment and trying to keep up with orders for my books and prints! It's been going well. Things are nice right now, not too busy, but certainly no shortage of things to work on. Enjoying that pace at the moment but I'm ready to take on some big new jobs.

Shoes design for Upper Playground

Design/advertisement for SanDisk's newest MP3 player
Dog: So please introduce yourself and tell me about no pattern?
Chuck: My name is Chuck Anderson and I'm a freelance artist working under the name NoPattern. I've been working for about 3 years now doing this stuff and it's such an interesting job. Things are constantly changing. There's lulls in work, then big spikes with too much work to handle...It can be crazy but it's fun.

Bandana design for Reason Clothing

T-Shirt design for Reason Clothing
Dog:How old are u now exactly?
Chuck: I turned 21 this past May 2006.

Dog: Ok i've known about u since a long time ago,and honestly i really love ur style,especially the colour, the gradient style, light balls everywhere! hahahaha! where'd u get this style? what's on ur mind? please tell us more about the design style from chuck anderson?
Chuck: I'm not sure where exactly I got this style. I've always been a big fan of lots of bright, vibrant, vivacious colors...and as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by the use of light in art and design...especially in photography and film too. I don't really draw the inspiration from anywhere specific, I just like things to look sensational and over the top. Lots of colors, lots of surreal imagery that is only made possible with an imagination. I don't have an agenda with my work, it's never about being political or conveying some super strong, deep, artsy message. I just really enjoy creating things that are very dreamlike.

Treatments for Supra Ads
Dog: Please drink your coffee, it's getting cold! Well chuck u've been working with lots of companies, small and large companies, how'd u get into this scene? how did it all start?
Chuck: It started about 6 or 7 months after I graduated high school. I had no money, no degree besides high school, no plans, and I'd just quit my local screenprinting job. I knew that there was something else out there for me though. I could kind of just feel it. I called up the guys at Skinnycorp/Threadless and told them I wanted to work for them no matter what they needed me to do. So next thing I knew I was employed by them and packing t-shirt orders. After this dayjob was done I would go home and work on my own personal projects and put them on my site, which was already at the time. I eventually started trying to get my work out to people so I began finding email addresses of art directors at magazines and agencies and emailing them with my site link, telling them I'd love to work together. I started getting some responses and a few jobs here and there...Stuck with it and eventually more and more jobs were coming in. I don't know, it happened really fast!

Dog: What about your educational background? Well u know,there's this kind of phenomenon that all young designers want to be like chuck anderson.hahahahah
Chuck: Ha, well, that's nice of you to say. I certainly hope I can be inspirational to young designers - whether they go to school or not. If people can look to me and feel encouraged, then I'm doing my job. My educational background is pretty much non-existent besides pre through high school. I just never had an interest in college, really, at all. I don't learn that way, I learn by doing things for myself and failing until I get it right. Not in a classroom. Now, that's not to say I'm anti-school! It's just not how I personally learn and grow artistically and creatively.

Dog: Chuck what do you wear in ur daily routine? any specific brands?
Chuck: Hmm.. I don't really pay much attention to my clothes...I'm pretty simple, I like Gap, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Stussy... Just classic stuff really. i don't really have any shirts with graphics on them, it's always just jeans and simple polos or tshirts or button ups or hoodie...Just whatever is comfortable and looks simple and clean I guess. Vans and Lacoste are my shoes of choice...H&M stuff too - always H&M, mostly for their decent and affordable jeans...I'm kind of 'whatever' about clothing.

No pattern X BIC X Triple Soul lighter

T-shirt Design for Threadless

Pitch drawings/sketch for Pepsi 2006 advertisement
Dog: Tell me about ur current project and about that lupe fiasco cover album?
Chuck: No current projects that I'd specifically want to talk about...honestly nothing huge at the moment...but I just recently put out my new book so that's been the big project lately. Promoting that and getting it out to as many people as possible. Lupe's album cover was a fun project. I met Lupe earlier in the year when LTD magazine asked me to hook up with him and do some photos of him for their mag. We stayed in touch a bit, he really liked some of my work and asked me to do the cover. We got together several times at his place to talk about ideas...and eventually met up to do the photo shoot which is what the cover I designed is made up of. So I did the photography and the design on the cover, as well as the back, tray card, and backside of the booklet. That was a great project. Big shout out to Lupe!! Congrats on the album release! Turned out amazing...

No Pattern Book

Lupe Fiasco Cover album

Dog: 5 things that u should bring in your bag
Chuck: Lacoste cologne, sketchbook and pens, newest issue of Dwell magazine, big stack of my books to give to whoever I might run into, and iPod, I guess.

Dog: 5 tracks that u're currently listening
Chuck: "O, Porcupine" - meWithoutYou , "Daydreamin'" - Lupe Fiasco, "Casimir Pulaski Day" - Sufjan Stevens, "Silver" - Jesu, and "D'Evils" - Jay-Z....'9 to 5 is how ya survive, I ain't tryin to survive I'm tryin to live it to the limit and love it a lot." One of my favorite lines, ever.

Dog: What would be ur biggest dream project?
Chuck: Probably something with Apple, KAWS, or Jay-Z. A collaboration on any level with any of them would be an honor.

Design for Men's Health Magazine Germany
Dog: Would u expand on what u perceive as "fantasy" and tell us a bit about your own fantasy?
Chuck: Hmm. Not sure about this question? I just think fantasy is imagination. I like to use my imagination constantly for my work - it's always about coming up with something straight out of my own mind without being too affected or influenced by outside sources. Fantasy is just when you sit back, stop what you're doing, and dream. Dream about the things you want, the things you love, the things you hope for...

Dog: Who's ur favorite designer?
Chuck: I'm really liking Eric Elms and James Blagden right now.

Dog: alcohol or ecstasy?
Chuck: Yikes, neither. But I think if I got heavy into either one, I'd do some pretty crazy work on E. Haha...Uhh...

Photography/illustration design for Reebok KOLORS Ads

Artwork/design for 2006 Radio Joga Bonito campaign.

Dog: What do u know about indonesia?
Chuck: Honestly, nothing. That's embarassing to say, but I just have never had any connections to anyone in the culture or the country.

Dog: Tell us about your next project.
Chuck: Going to do some new prints soon and very likely will do another book at some point in the near future...something maybe more conceptual or collaborative with other companies or artists. Keep an eye out!

Less Than Jake Album cover

Dog: Chuck! Big thx and big support from us, thx for coming to our dog house.. Shouts?
Chuck: Benjamin and Virgil from , Dave Gensler of The KDU, Nigel Dennis, UPSO, Ed Starke, Vinnie, Justin Van Hoy, Jeffrey, Jake, Jacob, and Craig from Threadless...There's too many people to thank and say hi to. Thank you for the interview!

Enjoy it Guys,Thx Chuck!


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