Friday, November 10, 2006


Read about poketo at selekkt, and lots of amazing stuff going on there. They collaborate with lots of artists and produce variety things like wallet, bags, etc.
"Poketo is a crazy collaborative of artists, founded by the two of us, Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung. Totally eclectic, 100% unique, and independent to the core. We first launched our artist wallets in 2003 with a handful of emerging artists, produced in very limited editions, they acted as artist promo pieces to accompany the art show we produced. They were pieces of art that we wanted people to walk away with, keep on them always, and be the catalyst for interesting conversation. The artists designed them exclusively for us and we were able to promote the artists by adding bio and contact info inside of the wallet (something we still do on all Poketo stuff). Those who were lucky enough to have these gems, well, they have something that is now a collectible. The overwhelming response of what we were doing and making ignited Poketo! Jump three years later to 2006, Poketo is a growing network of over 70 international artists, we have over 100 artist wallet designs, a full line of artist tees and bags, and we have designed official wallets for magazines and bands including The Shins, Weezer, Postal Service and others. We now have what we call, Poketo Life-a blend of fashion, accessories, and lifestyle goods, all art inspired, artist driven, and a focus on sophisticated, fresh, and contemporary design. From wallets, to apparel, to bags, to lifestyle wares, you can expect nothing less than the freshness and spontaneity of Poketo, art for your everyday!"

info: selekkt
images: poketo


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I interviewed poketo a while ago here

Its a cool blog, keep it up :)

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