Monday, October 16, 2006

A jungle life Exclusive: Gold Coin Clothing

Jungle life always has something fresh about some new brands,that's why i hit them daily. They featured a new brand called Gold Coin.
Here are a few info about Gold Coin that stolen from Jungle-Life:
"Gold Coin, debuting this month for the Fall/Winter season specializes in limited runs of custom hoodies and tee shirts. The line is highly exclusive, with each piece being hand designed. All hoodies have 100% cotton exteriors - the dice hoodie has a satin interior and the other two have fleece interiors with quilted hood exteriors. All the tees are 6.1oz pre shrunk. I had a chance to talk to Ray at Gold Coin and this is what he had to say: "Well, this is our first season and us being SF heads we thought your site would be perfect since thats what you focus on. The whole line is designed be me. I have been a dj, graff writer, and designer for about 10 years now. My influences are mainly toys and this urban culture we live in. I try to mix the two while staying fun and creative. Most of the designs are supposed to be jokes and keep people smiling. Our goal is to produce quality clothing that speaks for itself. All the tees and hoodies are being made in super short runs. Each one will be hand numbered. We consider each piece to be it's own work of art. Mainly we want this line to be very much like the vinyl toy industry, we want "collectors" to stay up on our line and be excited when the new items drop. The line is geared towards these "collectors", sneaker heads,skaters, graffitti writers, and all the other urban folks"

I love all of their hoodies,not too serious,they got a li'l bit of fun but still pay attention to the details.

Info/Images: Jungle-Life
You can contact Gold Coin thru myspace at: or email them at


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