Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sabre Style

SABRE, that are Sylvia Sadler and Denis Wischniewski aka Bloodlet who live in the bavarian countryside and influence new styles. But the story started way earlier. I know them since the late eighties when they used to be on the roll all over germany. Their drugs: Hardcore and Punk. Everything had to suffer under it, their health, the parents, the bank account and their good name.
Stuttgart was the base – and the friends of the pre-Sabre-crew where the antipole to the big HipHop. A shirt from Gorilla Biscuits and Minor Threat where way cooler than one from the big labels. They drove to all the shows and put on the hardest concerts... their crew had the radest windmills and the arms full with ink. They love(d) the music, the message from Circle Jerks, DI, Inside Out, Slayer, Spermbirds, Government Issue, Agnostic Front, Madball, H20, Youth of Today, 108, Warzone, Cro-Mags, Suicidal Tendencies, Underdog, Slapshot, Merauder ,...
Later on a further component of Sabre was added: Bloodlet made his first fanzines, designed recordcovers and tourposters and discovered the beauty and power of typography and graphic. They weren ´t liked to be seen everywhere because Bloodlets ideas were too way-out, the dude to crazy, and the trap to big. But this also belongs to SABRE.
All this is SABRE now: Design, Punk, Typo, Hardcore and Streetart – always evil, always rough. SABRE 2006: A family with a kid and a dog, the punk brought them together. The shirts are made left hand under the stairs to the first floor, handprinted with love to the detail. The artists we love and that find us cool are in a design on our shirts. RICHT, DALEK, WAYNEHORSE, C100, PISA73, JINPOW, MR.JAGO, MECRO, OKTUS. – You ´re the best! Thanks for the help!
SABRE is very open for collaborations with other labels, brands and just doing individual graphic-design. Ask for it.

info : Sabrestyle


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