Friday, March 30, 2007

New t-shirts from Go Ape

link: Go Ape


Anonymous Boston Shirts said...


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Anonymous Spinerazor Clothing said...

great frog design.

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Anonymous Dephect Clothing said...

Very nice drawings!

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Blogger Millionair£Boyz$quad said...

So your tired of looking through the shops and finding the same old boring t-shirts. You want to stand out from the crowd and defiantly don't want to be a fashion sheep

Well we have a solution for you! Millionair£Boyz$quad is a fresh and truly original new designer. Wear these garms and feel alive! coz you know it's better to be a lion for a day, than a sheep your entire life!

M£B$ T-shirts are a cure for fashion boredom! Always on-trend, creating funky street-wear and coming at you with the hottest underground fashion styles. Inspired by the diversity of the inner city English street culture, Millionair£Boyz$quad has created urban accessories with attitude!

M£B$ T-shirts and apparel are distinct from the rest and done with bad-ass attitude. They have a huge selection of apparel, which includes men and women's T-shirts, Vest-tops and additional lifestyle items such as mouse-pads, key-rings, mugs and XXL quality poster prints, which would look amazing framed in any room in your home!

Millionair£Boyz$quad T-shirts are 100% Cotton, thick, chunky and of the highest quality. Not thin, paper like material like you may have seen else wear! They all feature the M£B$/Millionair£Boyz$quad logo embroidered in gold threads on the back - so they may cost a bit more but are definitely worth splashing out on!

Make sure to use the link at the end to click through for a sampling of wardrobe rocking designs.

Millionair£Boyz$quad uses the diversity of inner city life to create urban clothing with fashionable street style.

Many of our images feature the Pound and Dollar symbols, which are a key part of M£B$ image.

The Crowned Pound with a small Flying Dollar image is available in Gold and also in Pink, on Men and Women's T-shirts and vest tops, key-rings, mugs, notebooks and a a gym bag.

The Flying Dollar also features in a darker version with flying Pounds in the City T-shirt, which is available for men and women. The City image, as it suggests features a city with the winged pounds and dollars flying up from the city! This T-shirt is only available in black as it really shows the dark of the night!

If you want something girlie check out the Pounderfly & Dollarflower images! We have a wide selection of products that would make great presents for your girlfriend, sister, etc. They'll love the unique style of our key-rings, mugs and bags all reasonably priced at under a tenner! But you could go a step further and show her how much you care and splash out on a vest-tops or a T-shirt from £25.00.

The Black Angel design is one of our most popular images. Its available as men and Women's T-shirts and vest tops, bags, key-ring's, mouse-mat and also as a retro mug gift set.

The Ink Body design is used as a Men's T-shirt print, but that's not all .... if you look closely at the M£B$ Ink Body Logo T-shirt you'll see the Ink body makes up the M£B$ logo!

The M£B$ Ink Body logo also features on the women's M£B$ Heart Body T-shirts and Vest tops were the image is big on the front and a smaller, identical image on the back on the T-shirt/vest top.

The M£B$ Heart Body image is available in five different colours and is also available as a

keyring and a mug.

The brands most recent ..... is below so head on to Millionair£Boyz$quad website to view more styles or purchase one.

Millionair£Boyz$quad's philosophy is simple...

Would we wear it? Deffo!

Urban clothing

[url=]Urban Streetwear[/url]

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