Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hecklewood X Hello Minor

Hecklewood teamed up with H.Minor to produce the DEATH tee in two limited colorways.

Friday, March 30, 2007

New t-shirts from Go Ape

link: Go Ape

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sliced Ontour

A collection for the twisted minds and sliced up personalities!
Enjoy, the Ontour crew

Friday, March 23, 2007

Methods NYC Spring 07

Methods NYC just released their new line,they got new designs from Dizmology, AS1, Wrona, Bisc1, Superblast, KOA, Jesse Smith, Bishop, Frost, and a collabo with Scum Life.

Check out their awesome website here
Thx to dave gee from Methods NYC for the info.

Are You Generic?

Are You Generic? is a group of artists that seeks to protest, to question, and to disprove. Its nemeses are unethical corporations, censorship, the slanted media, hypocrisy, excessive advertising, and plain stupidity. Its heroes are art, discussion, independent thought, and creation.

Are You Generic intends to fuse the cry of protest and demonstration with aesthetic graphic design -- to replace the Tommy/GAP/Nike logos with rallying statements of assertion. They hope to flourish as a grass roots operation -- spreading by word of mouth.
They produce wearables and print art intended to critique and reclaim their social and mental environments. Their shirts promote a concept NOT a name,and are intended to provide an alternative to Big Business and small thinking.

info: Are you generic

7 years & we still broke

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cheers to global warming

Let's celebrate the over-heating of our fragile planet

Available at Shirtcity

Clear Cut Case

Clear Cut Case is an online shop for "selected streetwear". It focuses on short- and long-sleeve shirts with outstanding designs as well as on out-of-the-ordinary training tops and hoodies.
In addition to offering well-known brands, Clear Cut Case also contains new, selected labels from all over the world. Shirts worn by not just anybody.

They have brands such as 101 Aparel, 102 porciento, Addict, Carhartt, Commune, DeerBLN, Dephect, Exact Science, Forvert, Gsus, Hannatilda, Heavy Rotation, Human Empire, Illustrated People, Imaginary Foundation, mootwo, pan:uu, Poketo, RAPT, Red Rabbit, Revolution, Soul Rebel, Tank Theory, Ubiquity, Whipping Floyd, from march/april: 2K, ser-vice, Supremebeing, Matix, The QuietLife, ontour, Ucon.

Better check them out at Clear Cut Case

Monday, March 12, 2007

Eric orr at Auckland Festival

I met Eric orr in Auckland Festival at Sky tower, which he also did live painting there.Here are some pictures.

Official Sneaker pimp hoodie

available at Coolest shop

New tees at Tank Theory

info/images: Tank Theory

Saturday, March 10, 2007

KISER limited edition “JUICY” t-shirt

KISER creates limited edition “JUICY” t-shirt and hoodie to
commemorate the 10yr anniversary of the passing of The Notorious
B.I.G.The graphic is inspired by a phrase on the old Scarface movie
posters that reads;“He loved the American Dream. With a vengeance.”
The same can besaid for the late great Frank White and that’s what
we admire so much about him. Shirts and Hoodies will be sold
exclusively online starting March 9th
at KISER and Karmaloop.

'La Schmoove' jacket: Nice and schmoove!

The Scifentologists are back with two great new jackets.Available at Digital Gravel